Special Rice Varieties


Premium Rice & Millet Varieties

There’re variety of Brands of Rice available in the market. Direct Nutri ropes in specially cultivated original Ponni rice varieties grown in the Kaveri delta areas. Our uniqueness and forte is in our ability to provide to you the best quality rice.

Ponni Rice is a variety of rice cultivated in Southern India. Ponni literally means Gold in Tamil and also refers to River Kaveri.

Direct Nutri Premium Rice & Millet Varieties:

  • 1

    Direct Nutri Boiled Ponni Rice

  • 2

    Direct Nutri Raw Rice

  • 3

    Direct Nutri Idli Rice

  • 4

    Direct Nutri Basmati Rice

  • 5

    Direct Nutri Seeraga Samba Rice

  • 6

    Mappillai Samba Rice

  • 7

    Karuppu Kavuni Rice

  • 8

    Little Millet (Saamai)

  • 9

    Kodo Millet (Varagu)

  • 10

    Brown Top Millet (Kula Samai)

  • 11

    Banyard Millet (Kuthiravali)

  • 12

    Thinai (Foxtail Millet)

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