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Living with Nature

Be it food we eat, Produce we do, clothes we wear or fragrances we smell, this land had discovered ways of enjoying life and staying healthy and happy by staying in harmony with nature.


100% Natural

Farm Fresh Grains, Pulses, Nuts & Spices, Directly from Farms.



Sustainable & 100% Chemical Free Products.



Traditionally Prepared. Authentic Cold Pressed Cooking Oils.



Made by Artisans, Not Factory Made.


Best Selling


About Direct Nutri

Direct Nutri stand by its name having all its products handpicked to serve its customers at its pure form in best possible ways.

We procure most of our products directly from farmers and small first-time entrepreneurs developed by Trance Home India Services Pvt Ltd based on their strength. We’re also working on few things to improve farm produces life cycle.

Most of these first-time entrepreneurs were erstwhile house wives (Masala Makers – our Masalas are NOT Like Home Made, They’re Truly Home Made) or daily wage workers (Small Oil Producers now). Direct Nutri retail outlet owners are also the first generation entrepreneurs.

Direct Nutri is an idea of reviving traditional way of living – eating & cooking. We stand by the great values embedded in our culture and tradition. “Unave Marundu” is a famous Tamil saying that means “if chosen well, one’s food could be his/her medicine”. We, at Direct Nutri strongly believe that healthy eating is the start of well-being.

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